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What do we mean by long duration energy storage applications?

May. 23, 2017

Here I will introduce the role of lithium battery in grid.

Li-ion battery

Currently the grid consists of a diverse array of generation assets that provide power as baseload, power during peaks and ancillary services to the grid. Increasing the share of renewables on the grid could drastically reduce the carbon intensity of the world's energy supply. To do so requires some method to manage the inherent intermittency of renewable generation. Energy storage is one way to achieve this transformation. It would allow loads to be served independent of the time of generation, by charging when resources are available and discharging when they are needed.

Energy storage can also replace many services currently provided to the grid by natural gas turbines including ancillary services and capacity reserves. Some aspects of renewable integration (ramp control, etc.) as well as some ancillary services such as frequency regulation that require less than 30 minutes of power at any given time can be performed by batteries, such as Li-ion battery, that are economic in power-focused applications. However, to truly change the way the world is generating and managing the electrical grid, we believe that long duration technologies that can address over 4 hours of energy storage are required. This extended duration would allow energy storage to replace capacity currently provided by gas turbines and alleviate many of the issues impeding significant penetration of renewables to the grid.