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How to choose 18650 vape battery?

Jun. 26, 2017

Choosing the best 18650 lithium battery for vaping is partially about “chuckin" "clouds” and becoming your own mini steam train, but the reason it's so important is ultimately safety. If you're looking to draw some serious current from your battery, you need one that can stand up to it, and outside of in-built batteries in regulated mods, this means you need to understand what you're doing. If you can't already recite ohm's law from memory, brush up on it and why it's important before you go putting together a super-sub-ohm build and trying to fire it with an inappropriate battery.

18650 Lithium Battery For Vaping

If you know your stuff, then get yourself a dependable, capable vape battery - ideally one with a bigger amp limit than you really need, since it's better not to push your battery too close to the limit – and go ahead and wow the crowd at your local cloud contest. Get one of the best vape batteries and you can have fun chuckin' clouds without worrying about your mod turning into a pipe bomb.