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Electronic cigarettes and e-cigarette battery

Jul. 12, 2017

Generally speaking, most users of electronic cigarettes are looking for something to replicate the smoking experience without the associated health risks. However, a cigarette-like appearance may or may not be important to you. After you get used to using e-cigarettes, it may not be as important, but when you first make the switch it can be helpful.

E-cigarette Battery

The most important thing with regards to the e-cigarette battery is how long it will last. Generally, you’ll find batteries that last for between 200 and 300 puffs, with longer or thicker varieties providing the most usage before requiring charging. Most starter kits come with more than one battery, which means you can always keep a spare in case the one you’re using runs out. There are also two types of battery, manual and automatic. For a cigarette-like experience (and minimum fuss), automatic batteries are better because they activate when you inhale, producing vapor when a cigarette would produce smoke. Manual batteries are activated by a button on their side. This may seem laborious, but you do get greater control over the amount of vapor produced.

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