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Common Attributes of the 18650 Battery

Jul. 15, 2017

Although 18650 batteries have varied attributes that depend on both the manufacturer specifications and model type, they possess enough common characteristics to form a list that consumers can use to judge the merit of using the batteries in their electronic devices. Consumers should be sure to understand what their electronic device requires before they choose an 18650 battery type to power it.

18650 battery

The 18650 battery typically has a power of 3.7 volts and a current of 2600mh. Compare this to the electronics that you wish to power. An overwhelming number of 18650 types are rechargeable. This feature should become the uniform standard moving forward. The cylindrical shape and battery design prevents unprotected hands and electronics from harmful electrode liquid leaks. Also available to consumers are rechargeable18650 batteries that manufacturers often package with their chargers. The chargers contain an automatic off system that safely shuts down battery charging when it reaches a 4.2-volt limit. Having a rechargeable battery is not only convenient, but it also avoids excessive electronic waste from battery disposal.